Content Submission Guidelines

YOUR Magazine welcomes content submissions from everyone and if you have an inspirational story or top tips about your business, your industry, or your work, then we’d love to hear from you! To give your content the best chance of being published, please read and follow these guidelines:

• Articles should be 750+ words long, as we’re looking for content which addresses its topic with depth and detail.

• Content should be written to a decent standard of grammar and spelling. Some typos and missed commas etc. are okay, but please run a spellchecker on your content before submitting it, and ideally have someone else read it too, so they can tell you if they spot any apparent errors.

• Articles should not be too promotional! Use this opportunity to produce content of value which you think our audience can learn from, get motivated by, or simply enjoy reading. If you want to send us something more promotional, then please create it in the form of a press release, and mark it clearly as such. Again, not all the press releases we receive will be published.

• Please try to think of something fresh and original to write about a topic. We sometimes receive submissions which are very similar to what has been written about many times before in other places, and sometimes even in previous issues of Quay Magazine. Anything which is overly
similar to something we’ve seen before, will not be included.

You can submit content by sending it to

Please also note that your article will be published along with the names of both yourself, and your business, only.

If you wish to have extra contact details (such as your phone number, email address, or website) appear with your article, there will be a charge of £19 or £29 if you would like your logo and a headshot, for online editions.

Alternatively, purchasing an advert in the same issue of YOUR Magazine in which your article appears, will allow you to submit extra contact details to be published alongside your article.

Lastly, if you are not sure that you can create an article which reaches our standard for inclusion, then we have a ‘done for you’ article writing service. It is affordably priced at only £49, to ensure that businesses of all sizes have the chance to be included in our publication.

With our ‘done for you’ service, we’ll work with you directly to ensure that you have an article which meets our standards for inclusion. You will own the rights to the article, and are free to use it in whichever additional ways you see fit.

Disclaimer: we are unfortunately unable to guarantee, that every submission will be included in future publications.

YOUR Magazine was established to be a premium-quality magazine, which supports great local businesses with exciting products and services to offer; helping them to gain a ‘foot in the door’ with larger companies, while growing together and connecting.

To maintain our reputation as a quality publication, which businesses are proud to be featured in, we need to set a high standard for inclusion while still offering all businesses, no matter how large or small they are, the chance to be featured.

Please note that the Editorial Team reserves the right to make any final changes to submissions needed to conform to publishing guidelines, and to maintain the quality of the publication. As such, YOUR Magazine cannot guarantee the publication of all articles submitted.