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Quay Media crafts bespoke websites for clients’ unique needs. We offer well-tailored packages from simple portfolios to large-scale E-commerce sites, regardless of the business size or industry. Based in Torquay, we provide top-quality website design services with a focus on attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Our functional and aesthetically pleasing websites help businesses make an impact online and engage their audience.

Why do you need Quay media?

Websites can take a long time to create and this can take up to multiple months if you don’t have the know how. You could use template website, but most of these look similar and you wouldn’t have a similar logo to someone else. By having bespoke design you will be showing the web that you are unique and a one of a kind. Also we are local to Torquay and why wouldn’t you want to keep business local? 

Why do you need a website?

In this day and age most people will want to find information by googling a company to see what services they provide. You may want to sell a product and get it in to the hands of people far and wide. What about updating people on what news you have to offer in your company? 

Show off your projects!

Want to show the local Torquay community what you can do? having a website is a good way to show what kind of service you can provide. As being in a business directory might be good, for someone like a carpenter you cant show what kind of quality work you have to offer and this should help you sell your services.

Ecommerce shop

Have an idea of starting a shop or make home made items? We can build you an ecommerce website so you can start your journey in having an online shop. We can build you a full secure shop so customers know your a legit shop and wont run away because they think its a scam. we offer management packages with ecommerce , this makes your life easier buy sending up what items you want on your shop and we will upload them for you so no need in wasting time on learning new software.

Sharing news with a blog

Having a blog you can tell all of your clients about what you have coming up in the future for example in this Covid-19 time customers might not know if their local food place is closing or doing takeaway. blogs are just a really good tool to communicate with everyone on the web!

Communicate to your customers

We can add a little chat box on your website like we have on are own, it works just like messenger. all you do is download an app and you will get a ping if someone wants to chat! having forms on your website is a good way to get peoples information to give them an email or a call later on down the line.

Having a personal touch

Don’t you love it when a company tells you about a their start up story! something like Double Decker Diner where their story is so inspiring and it makes you want to get involved, watch their videos and/or donate to their cause. having the about bit on a website just makes that company to customer connection a little bit more human!


Our design is bespoke to you and will be following your brand to small details.

Email addresses

We can set you up some professional looking email addresses as sending an email to a client with the email doesn’t look the best. having a will look like your the real deal when emailing to clients and company’s.


See that little padlock by the web address? that tells people your website is secure and any data that is entered in to the website is not to be at a security risk. It tells google that your website is happy and secure which can make a difference in what google evaluates you. SSL will protect against hackers and other unwanted problems that can be caused with out one.


Having Search engine Optimisation (SEO) is a way to bump up the order on search engines like google, Bing and many more. You may have competitors in your area and to beat them on search engines you will need some sort of SEO. We offer website management packages here that allow us to work on your SEO every month to make sure you beat them competitors of your so you can rank high on google to get more traffic through your website.

Responsive Design

Over half of the UK’s population are looking at your website on their phone. its really important to optimise your site to look good not only on desktop but also on phones and tablets. all of our design will be mobile friendly so no matter what device your customers are looking at it will always look good.


We offer a comprehensive range of management packages for your website that you may find valuable. It is important to manage your website to keep it up to date and ensure that it runs smoothly and securely. With our management packages, our team ensures that your site remains current by updating it within 48 hours of relevant updates becoming available.


To get the most out of SEO we do it monthly by tracking key words and doing the updates once a month to make sure were taking the right steps to rank you higher on google. Text, image and blog updates – We put time aside every month just to update our clients websites, all you have to is pop an email to us with what you want changing for the month and we crack on and do it for you! with all of that you wont have to touch your website and leave it in professional hands to make sure it gets done correctly.  


Simple Design

Our portfolio websites are an excellent solution for professionals seeking to showcase their work on the internet. The website comprises five pages: Home, About, Portfolio, Blog, and Contact, each designed to effectively present your projects or services to your clients. With this simple yet elegant website, you’ll have the opportunity to highlight your skills and expertise. So, if you’re looking to expand your online presence and take your career to new heights, our portfolio websites are the perfect fit for you.

Standard Design

Our standard package is a 10 Page deal (Home, About, Services +5 services  Blog, Contact as an example) This is for a more in-depth website for company that offers a wide amount of services with more in-depth information. Our standard package comes with simple SEO to optimise for google so you can climb the ranks and beat your competitors (advanced SEO packages are available). We will find some up to ten stock images to bring the feel of the site together and give it a professional feel. you will also get two email addresses to accompany your domain ( and a SSL certificate to keep your site secure.

Advanced design

The Advanced package of for people who want to get the most out of a website, ecommerce and plentiful services will come under this bracket. It offers options just like the standard package but on a bigger scale.

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