Eleanor Stafford
Creative Content Designer

Eleanor, the founder of QUAY Media and QUAY Magazine, is a creative content designer with nearly 25 years’ experience in the design industry.

Skilled in graphic design, branding, advertising, infographics, publishing, and more, she is an experienced design professional and a graduate of Plymouth College of Art and Design.

In her spare time, Eleanor enjoys traveling and camping in her van, and she is also a huge sci-fi fan.

“Eleanor’s one of the strongest and most resilient people I know. QUAY Magazine is a fantastic read – full of positive business stories, and it looks exceptional too! It’s very high quality and is the magazine that I always want to get articles into. As well as being a very talented designer, Eleanor’s also one of the nicest people, with a really good business head on her shoulders. I’d strongly recommend and encourage other businesses to contact Eleanor and to advertise in QUAY Magazine!”

Dave Briggs – Marketing Manager, Nash & Co

Cai Stafford

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