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At Quay Media in Torbay, we specialise in all forms of graphic design. Good graphic design is an important part of communicating your message, and in attracting the right customers. That’s why we offer a range of services designed to ensure that your website, brand identity, social media platforms, and more, all have the most impact possible.


Visual communication is more important than ever, because it is one of the fastest forms of interaction. Marketplaces are increasingly crowded and competitive (especially online) so it is vital to be able to communicate your message quickly, effectively, and in a way that immediately captures the eye of the viewer.

Website Design

With our comprehensive website design packages, we can design your website from start to finish — complete with banners, imagery, layout, and engaging copywriting. This can be a vital part of achieving the growth and success that you want for your business.


Infographics communicate complex information in a simple, effective, and highly visual style. They are an ideal solution for when you need to ensure that your message is clear and uncomplicated — such as when communicating exactly what your business does, or how it can bring value to your customer.

Animated Logos

We can also create a unique animated logo for your company. These are specially designed to move when in view — such as on a website or social media page. This creates an additional eye-catching dimension to what may otherwise be a static page — engaging the viewer and making your logo even more memorable.

Stand Out

The online and e-commerce space is becoming ever-more competitive, and our striking designs will help to ensure you stand out. For example, one of our most popular services is infographic design.

Much More

We provide advertising, branding, and corporate communication campaigns designed to broadcast the company message and core values of your business. We also offer design packages for brochures, print publications, and business stationary, so that your image and brand style is consistent throughout.

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Website development layout sketch drawing
Website development layout sketch drawing