Investing In Creative Video Marketing

Can Your Business Benefit From Videography?

If a picture tells a thousand words, then what can a video say?

With at least 25 frames in every second, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that video has a considerable advantage over other forms of digital marketing.

Our ever-increasing consumption of social media content and shorter attention span requires greater engagement with your audience to raise brand awareness, and video is proving to be the solution!   

If this was a video, would the information be easier to digest?

It’s somewhat ironic that a videographer is making this point via text, not visuals, but I wonder how many of you have read this far? If this was a video, would the information be easier to digest? If you’re a slow reader like me, then a video’s entire message could be conveyed by now!

A well-produced, creative video helps your potential customers identify and relate to your business. If used well, video marketing can very quickly create a connection with the viewer. By allowing consumers to see your genuine nature, a video puts a face to a name or brand. As is commonly said in the business community, “people buy from people” – if they have confidence in you, the probability they will buy from you, increases.

When purchasing a product or service, 90% of web consumers use video to make a decision. Video can be used to introduce your brand to newcomers, answer frequently asked questions, or offer advice providing added value – creating a favourable and lasting impression.

In the last 15 years, online media has altered how consumers are reached — enabling the likes of entrepreneurs, smaller companies, and start-ups to market their products and services globally.

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Producing high-end video content takes time

This transition and the advancement of digital technology has created more accessibility to creative tools, equipping the next generation of filmmakers and videographers with more cost-effective solutions. Similar to how electronic music and the rise of the bedroom DJ/Producer infiltrated popular music culture, the online video creator can reach millions.

Before this development, the larger corporate companies invested in advertising their products and services through radio or television to reach prospective customers, while smaller businesses had budgets more suited to advertising in a local newspaper, magazine, or a listing in the yellow pages!

More recently, independently working videographers are running multiple cameras, lighting and audio equipment, and providing professional services suited to most budgets – enabling smaller businesses the opportunity to expand their digital marketing with video production.

Producing high-end video content takes time, from the planning stages to the filming and post-production. It won’t be the smallest investment your business will make, but it could prove to be the most lucrative! When considering this initial investment, it is essential to take into account the value a video can add to your business and carefully consider the shortcuts (i.e. cheaper options), that could threaten the longevity of your investment.

Your videographer must have an understanding

Like all products, the quality of video production varies. It is always worth asking a videographer to see their portfolio of work, to demonstrate their level of expertise. From your initial ideas, to implementing the created vision, your videographer must have an understanding of your business to ensure effective video marketing.

Creating a relationship with your videographer can also be beneficial in assisting with your marketing strategy once the video is complete. Your new business video must be released efficiently to maximise your investment, and to ensure its content reaches your targeted audience. How many business cards or flyers need distributing to achieve engagement with a few thousand people? 

Videos posted on social media with a thought-through strategy are commonly the most shared pieces of content, and gaining an audience reach in the thousands is common.

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Unintentionally drawn into watching a video?

Ask yourself, how many times have you been scrolling on social media, only to be unintentionally drawn into watching a video? If the created video content is relevant to your audience and resonates with them, they are more likely to not only engage with the content themselves, but also share your video with their contacts. This provides your message further potential to gain a more significant customer reach. With such an organic targeting of individuals, your content should naturally reach the right people, as long as it’s effective in its messaging.

Why not invest in yourself and your business? 

To stand out from the crowd, working with the right professional will dynamically showcase your brand and creatively highlight the best of what you offer.