Why Invest In Print Advertising?

Isn’t everything online nowadays?

Now more than ever, it may feel like the world is going digital. We can access many of our favourite publications through their social media accounts or email newsletters, and businesses are now investing more time than ever in their online presence.

But this can be misleading. Several universities have now published studies that show we are more likely to absorb material we read in print, than information which we see on a screen — perhaps due to the physical connection, or the fact fewer things are competing for our attention.

But what does this mean for business and advertisers? Put simply, the value of print advertising is still alive and well. Instead of becoming irrelevant in an increasingly digitised world, print advertising is now an easier way than ever to stand out.

Undivided Attention

Many things compete for our attention, and they are often digital. Phone notifications, emails, noisy adverts on the radio, television, and more. It can become like white noise we are forced to tune out.

The difference with print advertising is that you will have the reader’s full attention. They have made a conscious choice to sit down, take time out of their day, and connect with the print — free from distractions.

This is a completely different process to driving by a billboard, say, or catching a glimpse of an ad on a commute. Our attention may usually be fleeting — but your print advert doesn’t have to be.

Reading a magazine is quiet time for the reader to reflect, connect with the values, and have the logos, slogans, and services make a more lasting impact in their memory.

Long Term Process: Long Term Results

The process of advertising in print may be somewhat longer than putting an advert or offer online, for example, but a considered approach can pay dividends. The exposure your print advert achieves can be longer term; remaining on the page and in the mind of the reader for a greater period of time.

They can revisit your advert if your services spring to mind again, for example – a luxury not always afforded by other forms of advertising. In contrast, if it has been seen on television, heard on the radio, or viewed online, that may be the last time the customer sees it.

Print advertising allows you to take more time to express your values and core business practices, as well as your products and services. You may also have a unique selling point like great customer service or lower pricing than your competitors.

These things allow you to connect with your customers on a deeper level; you can create associations in the reader’s mind between their needs and your business, reinforcing your brand and identity.

Print advertising also offers the opportunity for repeat advertising — creating familiarity for readers, and even a sense of trust. Also, magazine readers are often regular readers of consecutive issues of the publication, meaning that you will have a chance to connect with them repeatedly.

In this way, through establishing a relationship and positive associations, your advert will be performing a form of remote networking for you — with none of the leg work and extroversion normally needed!

A short-term benefit of print advertising is the ability to connect directly with a target customer who needs your services and is made aware of your offer, so they can take immediate action; but the longer lasting benefits of familiarity and deeper relationships with the customers, are what usually attracts businesses to print advertising.

A Targeted Approach

Magazines on a theme — such as a specific industry or local area, for example — have a targeted readership. Advertising in a magazine in your area or industry means that you will be connecting with a readership who will already be interested in your products and services.

Less targeted adverts, even when passed by hundreds of people, will still be reaching people who may have no use for them.

Print advertising narrows the search and allows you to make have a targeted approach, achieve higher conversion rates, and better results!