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Come And Enjoy Our Co-Working Space In Torquay!

QUAY Co-working offers a range of flexible solutions for desk and office space in central Torquay, starting from as little as £15 a day.

Come see our beautiful workspace, get back into a professional environment, and make new connections – all while working to your own timetable!

You will also have the chance to collaborate with the other businesses in the building, who provide professional services such as Branding, Marketing, Publishing, Copywriting, Web Design, SEO, Accounting, and more.

For your convenience, we have a communal kitchen in the building and all bills are included in your rental price.

The Benefits Of Co-Working In Torquay

QUAY Co-working offers you a quiet and professional place to work, with access to super-fast WiFi (up to 350MB per second), a designated desk just for you, and as much tea and coffee as you can consume!

Located right in the centre of Torquay, parking is available in the numerous car parks and residential streets nearby, and we are a 15-minute walk from the train or coach station, while also being right next to the main bus stops.

We also offer the added bonus of having all the local shops, restaurants, and cafes of Torquay high street right on our doorstep.

When Is A Good Time To Move Into A Dedicated Space Or Shared Office?

There are a few tell-tale signs that it’s time to make the change.

These include:
• Running out of space
• Needing to hire more staff
• Holding lots of face-to-face meetings with clients
• Feeling isolated
• Struggling to focus on work

If several of these are familiar to you, perhaps you should start looking to move into an office. And even if you can only tick one or two points off this list, you may well find that your needs require a co-working space soon enough.

Our Options

Co-working spaces are workplaces created for freelancers and employees who usually work from home – however, they offer so much more than that. Co-working spaces are built to generate a sense of community, collaboration, and inclusion.

You can rock up to the space, sit down, and work in a fully-serviced, highly productive environment. Then, you can network with others in the workspace, develop contacts, and exchange knowledge. This makes co-working spaces great for professionals who want to escape the isolation of working from home.

Hotdesking is similar to co-working, except you do not have the option of a dedicated space to work from every time. Hotdesking is popular when all our offices have been rented out. We can simply assign you a desk in an empty space.

You can normally choose to pay for either a full day or a half-day’s worth of desk space. Be aware though that hotdesks are only available during the office’s normal working hours, which may restrict the times you can work.

A serviced office is an office that is ready to go – you can just turn up with any equipment you have and off you go! 

Serviced offices can provide a good atmosphere for yourself and your team, especially if this is your first time moving into a professional working environment.

Come And Co-Work With The QUAY Team!

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