Goal Setting: The Key To Success At Every Stage Of Life

My name is Keely Pierce and I am the founder of I Am More Academy Ltd. 

As a child, I grew up among many challenging circumstances: addiction, poverty, prison visits, neglect, and turmoil to name a few. 

It took me a decade of personal development to understand that this wasn’t my fault, and that I have nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, these experiences shaped the person I am today and provided a platform for me to empower others with the knowledge that they are loved, and can achieve anything they put their mind to.

I learnt to dream bigger, to better understand my aspirations, and to fail trying. It took a lot of errors and personal growth to understand that failing is all part of the path to success. How else can we learn our biggest lessons in life?

‘A Dream Written Down With A Date Becomes A Goal.
A Goal Broken Down Into Steps Becomes A Plan.
A Plan Backed By Action Makes Your Dreams Come True!’

I’ve always loved to plan. Planning a holiday, planning to buy a car, planning to have a family, planning to build a life. I never really knew that this was called goal-setting until I took a few goal-setting courses. This truly changed everything. 

Here are some simple steps you can take to become a better goal setter:

1. Dream big! Nothing is too grand and ideas are never crazy. Keep a notebook, or make notes on your phone, whenever you get new ideas to add to your ever-expanding list. 

2. Allocate your goals into timeframes:

Short-term (6-12 months)

Medium-term (1-3 years) 

Long-term (3-5 years)

3. Take the goals and break them down into bite-size chunks. Work out the action required to make each goal happen.

4. Take action! Do something every day, chip away at the action points, and watch your goals come to fruition. The key to success is consistency!

Celebrate the wins, no matter how small, but remember to celebrate the failures too. It is our hiccups and errors that teach us the most valuable lessons and add perspective to our successes. 

Empowering The Next Generations

At I Am More Academy, our passion lies with young adults, as this is a key time in our lives where we try to find ourselves, learn who are we, and explore the right paths for our aspirations.

The idea behind the bespoke workshops we offer is to help these individuals discover their identity, learn what values they hold deepest, and empower them with tools that will serve them well not just for right now, but for their whole lives. 

The PHSE Association highlights that the new Ofsted framework for PHSE (personal, social, health, and economic) education partly evaluates schools on how much of a positive impact this education is having on pupils. 

Schools need to show Ofsted that young people at all stages of their education are prepared for life – both now and for what comes next, whether that’s moving up to secondary school, or going into further education, employment, or training. 

PHSE Education not only contributes to these areas but is linked to improved academic performance – particularly for the most disadvantaged. The workshops we provide will support the school curriculum and can make all the difference for anyone who takes part. 

We are looking for sponsorship to work with local schools and colleges to run our bespoke workshops and help pupils become the best version of themselves. 

Are you able to help? Get in touch… you can make all the difference!

Article by Keely Pierce of I Am More Ltd.

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