10 Top Tips For Social Media

1. Define Your Goals

Work out what you’re trying to achieve, and how you’re going to achieve it.

2. Know Who You’re Targeting

… and create relevant content designed to engage them.

3. Post Consistently, But Add Value

While we advise posting on social media every single day, it is important to add value with all your content. There’s no point in creating noise, without having anything to say!

For example, cat pics are cute, but they won’t always add value for your audience!

4. Grow Your Page Naturally

You could pay £30 to get loads of fake followers, but what good is having 10,000 followers who do not engage with your content, and who (more importantly) aren’t interested in buying your products or services? 

5. Engage Your Followers!

Reply to every single comment and mention of your company; your followers and connections will appreciate the recognition, and in return will engage with your brand more.  Also, before posting any piece of content on social media, ask yourself if it will create a conversation.

6. Combine Quality With Quantity

As mentioned, it’s important to have quality content over sheer quantity of content, but the truth is, you want to be posting quality content in huge quantities!

7. Tailor Your Content To The Relevant Platform

For example, LinkedIn is a very different platform to Facebook, so adjust your posts accordingly.

8. Experiment With Different Posting Times

Look at how engaged your followers are at specific times of day; this will be important in determining which times are best for posting content, and on what platform 

9. Make It Personal

It is important for your audience to get to know your business, but also for them to get to know you. Communicate a persona to show your audience who you are, how you can help them, and why you’re superior to your competition.

But you need to be authentic, so don’t show your audience someone you’re not!

10. Try Paid Advertising

If you’re having problems reaching users organically, try advertising on different platforms. In particular, promoted Facebook posts look like regular posts, but are highly targeted, and will reach more people.

Article by Gavin Harris Kernow Social Media Agency

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