Jellies That All Can Enjoy!

I am Louise Turley – AKA The Jelly Lady.

As a single mum new to Devon, and with a startup freelance graphic design business to promote, I decided networking was the way forward.

However, it soon became apparent that traditional events didn’t tie in well with the logistics of having small children, so I decided to create my own. I settled on holding them in Sidmouth, which is near where I live, and I quickly discovered that I was not alone with my struggles.

From this, Jelly South West was born, offering support to small business owners, freelancers, and kitchen table startups.

The ethos of Jelly coworking events is that they are accessible to all, so the events are provided free of charge. Jelly events also differ from networking in that the aim is not just to find new clients or to sell yourself or your business, but to instead become part of a community. 

We offer free coworking events in local coworking venues and independent cafes, each of whom benefit from some extra business. The events run monthly and give people the chance to come along, drop in, drop out, and meet other like-minded individuals. There’s no catch and no entrance criteria – just a friendly, welcoming vibe and a supportive environment!

With so many employees now working from home, and with the Covid-inspired hybrid work practices looking set to stay, many people now benefit from some extra flexibility. But with this can come a sense of isolation and a feeling of missing the office banter and interaction with others.

Our Jelly events can help to fill that gap by offering:

  • The opportunity to work from inspiring, exciting locations
  • A local support network
  • Like-minded individuals to collaborate with

Treat Yourself!

Would you be interested in hosting your own Jelly events?

There is now a Jelly South West Ambassador Programme that gives local businesses the chance to host events and get involved with the Jelly concept, all while helping to build their own business in the process.

It can certainly be worth your while!

Through my own work with setting up Jelly events, I formed a natural relationship with Business Information Point to help local startups access support and advice, developed many useful collaborations, made new and rewarding friendships, and filled my little black book with fantastic contacts I can call upon when I feel the need.

To get started with hosting your own Jelly events, email me at or visit our website at

Article by Louise Turley of Tiny Designs

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